I guess March 2020 will forever be remembered in history as the month the lockdown came and the year 2020 went down the pan. Like really not worth mentioning in the calendar at all. Only then we didn't know that this would eventually apply for the entire year by the looks of it. March itself started off not too badly as it stands. I went home at the beginning of the month and had another date with a guy I met a month earlier (I will Continue reading March 2020

Summer holidays week 3. We are spending the week in the North of France in a cute little house right by the beach. Should be utterly blissful, alas it is not. Being in a confined space with a lot of people for a long time is not particularly good for me. Even if we are talking about my family. My parents and my sons are all lovely on their own but put them together for  longer period of time, they clash. Generational issues, different Continue reading August 2019

Pinch, punch, seventh month of the year.  Or something like that. Now we are officially in July, the first half of 2019 is over and done with. Scary stuff. Time passes so much quicker when you get older and have to deal with the mundane stuff of going to work and paying bills. It also means we are now closer to Christmas. Just saying.

I am still running and I have now inspired a couple of fellow mums from school to go Continue reading July 2019

Back to school this week and Monday was my mum's birthday too. I have been a good daughter this year and made sure she got some lovely flowers and a chocolate cake to go with it. Not that I have not done so in previous years but this year I had it all sorted days before and not made a last minute thing. Improvement from my part I would like to point out. You can't wing everything in life. Continue reading June 2019

And it's a new month. Not just any old month, but my birthday month at that. I like having my birthday. I don't mind getting older. Plus I am going to spend this birthday in sunny Spain so I have something to look forward to. After a little trip the week before to see my parents with the offspring. So a busy month but a good one at that. With a little bit of work thrown in and another half term, but the boys spend this one with their dads Continue reading May 2019

I can't quite believe we are in April already, where did the start of the year go? This is also the last week before the Easter holidays so I have to start giving it some thought how I entertain my offspring during their time off they spend with me. Luckily I don't have to worry too much about Easter itself as for some reason or another the boys all already got something that most definitely qualifies as an little something from the Easter bunny Continue reading April 2019

Did I ever mention I am as blind as a bat? I am also very capable at breaking things so I had managed recently not not only break one, but two pairs of glasses. Thankfully Monday brought me relief because I could collect two new pairs first thing in the morning. Because I am getting on a bit my eyes seem to slowly get better (because you get far sighted with old age, don't you know). I worked out that by the time I'm 80, I will Continue reading March 2019