No More Cruisin’ For A Boozin’

As you can gather from my posts on here, I used to be very fond of a drink or two. Who isn’t. We all like a drink. Alcohol is the last socially perfectly acceptable drug available to us ( I remember a time when the same could be said for cigarettes alas these days are well and truly gone).

As you might have noticed I said used to. I am quietly proud of the fact that it’s been nearly two months now since I last had a drink. Of the alcoholic kind at least of course I still drink. You know to avoid dehydration and a slow and painful death.

I’m not entirely sure how this decision came about. I think the date with the guy I threw up on played a part in it but I was still drinking after that for a little while although heavily moderated. it just lost its appeal. Not in a dramatic way from one glass to the other but over the space of a few weeks it slowly faded away. I started drinking a glass of Prosecco (if you know me you know Prosecco is my go to for all ails, my nectar and eau de vie) and didn’t finish it. Then the same happened again. And again. Very strange.

So, one day I thought if I didn’t really enjoy it, I should just make the conscious decision to give it up for a while. Maybe the desire for bubbles and the enjoyment they used to bring would eventually come back. I have to admit I was taken aback when some people to whom I casually mentioned I was staying off the booze for a bit just started laughing and told me it wouldn’t be long before I would have a glass in my hand again. Was that really the image they associated with me? So much so that they thought it ridiculous I wouldn’t be able to have a drink? The more I thought about it, the more uncomfortable did it make me feel.

So far, above mentioned desire has not made a return. If anything, I am now looking at booze with utter indifference. Don’t get me wrong, I will order an alcohol-free Bellini or a non-alcoholic cider. And the taste is still good. Debatable if it’s exactly the same but it still tastes pleasant to me. Oh but this is so hypocritical I hear you say. Well, you can do one thank you very much because I don’t think so. There is fat free or sugar free, you wouldn’t call people eating or drinking that hypocrites.

There is one thing in particular I noticed that has come with loosing the booze. Clarity of the mind. I seem to enjoy a night out a lot more. I don’t need a drink to have a good time. I am still just as funny and stupid and entertaining. And I remember them a lot better. Not that I would have lost hours of my life before because I was so paralytic, but there tended to be a little mist surrounding those occasions. Not anymore. And I like it like that. Oh and another side effect – non alcoholic shit tends to be cheaper. So I spend less on a night out. Which obviously means more money for shoes. Win win.

I am not saying I will never have a drink again. I might do. I might not. I don’t know yet. But for now, I’m good just as I am.