London My Love

I cannot deny it – London is the great love of my life (apologies to my offspring). The first time I caught a glimpse of it was during a summer trip to Eastbourne in 1993 – yes I am THAT old – which included a quick dip into the city and I have been hooked on it ever since.

I cannot count how many times I came back before making the final move eleven years later and I never regretted it. As I see London as my home, it would be a bit silly to put any posts about it under travel, nonetheless as I spend more and more time now doing things and discover this city bit by bit, I still want to share my excursions with you.

I am trying to separate it into different sections to make it a little easier to navigate, but if you check the categories you will see the different labels like London Places or London Food.

I hope you will enjoy this section as I intend to post on it at least once a week – yay to my social life coming back! Please feel free to add your comments and thoughts about the things I write about, I’d love to hear your thoughts.