Karma Clothes And Other Stuff

I absolutely believe in Karma clothes. And other things that have either a blessing or a curse attached to them. The blessed jumper, the doomed dress, the get lucky shoes – you name it, I have worn them and they either brought me luck or made me throw up on a guy. That particular dress I will never wear again. It’s a shame because it is gorgeous but it has bad Karma. I wore it on the puke date. And on the second date with the married guy in an attempt to redeem it and that went down the pan too, although one could argue it has nothing to do with the dress that he turned out to be married. Yes it could be third time lucky but I’m not chancing that. Unless I go out with someone I’m not too bothered about, then maybe. But the likelihood of that happening is very, very slim.

The same goes for the jumper I wore on my first date with the text dumper. And the bottle of Poison he brought me back from a trip to Abu Dhabi. This I am pretty gutted about because I used to love this perfume but now it’s forever spoilt because I associate it with him. Oh and the fact he told me it reminds him of his mom. Thanks for that dude. Anyway, the jumper went to the charity shop – I pulled a thread on a night out so that made it easier to part with it – and the perfume made a friend of mine happy so it wasn’t all for nothing. Still mildly annoying though because I liked both a lot really. Jumper and perfume, not text dumper and friend. Them as well actually. Oh, you know what I mean.

Another thing I can’t bring myself to wear again are hoopy earrings. My first husband loved me wearing them. I still can’t work out if I wore them because he liked them or because I did. I even bought a pair again recently but they are just sitting on my dresser looking at me. Slightly accusing because I think they know they are destined to go eventually. Sorry guys, I tried. Maybe another time.

You could argue this is a pretty expensive way to look at stuff, but I honestly think some things are just doomed and cursed. And they ooze doomdom onto everything around them. And they hold memories. Every time I look at them I remember things I’d rather banish to the back of my brain or sink into oblivion. So to make me feel better, I get rid of them. Spring cleaning of a the mind.