As you might have gathered by now, I don’t always have dates to write about – despite the constant availability of online dating they are surprisingly hard to come by. Neither does my brain constantly produce entertaining pieces about various subjects that go round in it (a bit like the witty comeback that finally pops up in it hours after you needed it).

Not to mention that with managing schedules for three different schools and this little thing called work, the amount of travelling I do or even just going out is a bit limited too (I’m working on both of those though with slow but steady success).

I still do things though. Random things that I suddenly fancy because you know what, I can. New things to try, new places to see, lost memories revisited that need refreshing and dying but cherished habits given new life. There is a surprisingly vast amount of new and old alike out there, right in front of your eyes if you just open them a little bit wider, just waiting to be discovered or to resurface. So I thought I start a little diary about the highs and lows of my weeks, the banalities of life we all have to deal with and the weeks of distinct non-happenings that make you wonder sometimes why we didn’t join the circus when we were younger.

Feel free to comment or add your own accounts on my weeks, I love the engagement with you guys xx