Happy Stuff And Feel Good Places

I spend pretty much the first half of my life doing what I thought was expected of me as a mother, a wife, a friend. I utterly sucked at saying ‘no’ once in a while or listening to my gut feeling and as a result, I was just not happy. It showed. I was in a constant state of miserable snappiness and general discontent. It had to change.

Now I wouldn’t recommend divorce as a general way to achieve happiness in your life, but in my case, it was the first of many acts of starting to really live again. Looking more after myself, allowing myself time to take a break and most importantly learning to say ‘no’ to things every so often even to a friend has definitely helped improve my overall happiness. One very important lesson I learnt that true friends accept without questioning a ‘no’. Because they care about you and want the best for you, not just themselves. Unlike the Mrs Buckets in this world. Again, the changes this brings are small and slow but nevertheless noticeable. Still flawed and rugged, but it’s quite nice to look at where you are and feel content with that.