Weekly diary of my super exciting life ;-)

I hate to tell you this but we have now officially entered into the pre Christmas season. I think it is safe to say Halloween will not really exist this year so in attempt to cheer us all up, our commercial leaders have decided to skip Mr. Skeleton and move straight on to Mrs Santa. And I am now holding my hands up to the fact that I have already purchased numerous Continue reading September 2020 – I

I have to apologise again for letting life get in the way of writing my blog regularly, but we are only a couple of days into September so giving you a run down of the rest of August is still well within reason me thinks. And hey, at least I have something more to write about than what I had for dinner the last couple of weeks!

I actually have been quite busy the last two or three weeks (well, in comparison to the Continue reading August 2020 – II

So, after lamenting only at the beginning of the week how I don't always have a lot to say, oh boy do I need to write things off my chest right now. The week itself has not really been that eventful - although a little note on the side for all those having to wear a mask in public complainers: If me and my colleagues can work in them for hours on end, lugging crates of bread or potatoes around so you can buy your shopping, then you will Continue reading August 2020 – I

First week of the month, first week of the second half of the let down year of the decade. Theoretically there is hope with the lockdown gradually coming to an end and life slowly firing up again, we might be going somewhere. Not so much hope however are giving me those pictures of people camping in front of pubs and the high streets rammed on Saturday night. Does make me wonder about people's priorities in life but I guess it's Continue reading July 2020

June has come and is nearly gone, which means this year not worth mentioning is as good as half over. I'm undecided yet if that is a good or a bad thing. For the first time since the lockdown started I had to get some petrol last week whereas I was filling up two or three times a month before. I'm starting to wonder if I actually still need a car. A rather rhetorical question I hasten to add, I do need a car in general. It is just not as well Continue reading June 2020

And just like this, we are already in May. Nearly half the year is over with not much to show for it. It's my birthday this month - but I already decided this year does not count so I will turn older in 2021 -  lockdown is the new normality and life somehow goes on albeit nothing like before. There is a half-term at some point but it doesn't really matter because the schools are closed so it's half-term every day anyway. I reduced my hours at Continue reading May 2020

Lockdown is well and truly upon us and like so many others I still don't know what to make of it all. Some days I think 'Oh it's not that bad', on others I want to go and rock in a corner crying. My kids have been off school for weeks, and although my youngest can go in when I work because I'm a key worker and relevant in keeping the nation going and all that. Somehow, I am reluctant to send him in though; Continue reading April 2020

I guess March 2020 will forever be remembered in history as the month the lockdown came and the year 2020 went down the pan. Like really not worth mentioning in the calendar at all. Only then we didn't know that this would eventually apply for the entire year by the looks of it. March itself started off not too badly as it stands. I went home at the beginning of the month and had another date with a guy I met a month earlier (I will Continue reading March 2020

Summer holidays week 3. We are spending the week in the North of France in a cute little house right by the beach. Should be utterly blissful, alas it is not. Being in a confined space with a lot of people for a long time is not particularly good for me. Even if we are talking about my family. My parents and my sons are all lovely on their own but put them together for  longer period of time, they clash. Generational issues, different Continue reading August 2019