August 2019 – Week 34

Week Numero Due without the offspring and still, I have not even batted an eyelid at the list of chores I have given myself to tackle while said off spring is away. But I figured I deserve to enjoy the peace and quiet as long as it lasts. There is always next week, month, year to sort them out.

And I have a lot to do this week anyhow. First of all, the cat needs cuddles. Yes, that is very important, I have you know. Then there is the little matter of work. Important too. And then there is the little 24-hour trip to Germany I have to throw in because my mum had her knee replaced last week, so I want to check in how she is doing. I have no idea btw how exactly they replace a knee. It sounds gross and space age alike. Or maybe I should watch a youtube video to educate myself but the likelihood is I just get very freaked out by it so I will give it a miss.

I am still not a fan of air travel as you know so the plane being delayed was not the best thing. I just ended up overtired and stressed. That changed though by the glorious summer weather I got when I arrived and the chill time I had. I spend a lot of time chatting with my mum and dad – I seem to enjoy that more and more the older I get. I also had a chance for a catch up with one of my oldest friends over a curry, which was long overdue and a stark reminder just how much I miss my roots.

It seemed I took the good weather with me as we were blessed by a heatwave bank holiday weekend – most of which I spend working but being able to step into a walk-in freezer really has it’s benefits.

Much love, marvellous people. Candidly yours, TC.

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