July 2019 – Week 30

It is the first child free week of the summer holidays – well the first week of the summer holidays in general so I am off to a good start with that one. Mind you I know we have a few weeks ahead of us to spend some quality time together as well and I am already dreading it. Did I say that out loud? Of course I mean I am very much looking forward to it. I really do. But I also know that whoever came up with the concept of six and a bit weeks of no school for children very obviously does not have any themselves. Or does not see them very often.

I do not have holidays myself yet, so I am having a working week but I managed to sneak in a little trip to Copenhagen with my favourite travel buddy and honorary daughter Nelly. I don’t know when she started to have the cheek to call me her travel mum, but after being outraged by it for about ten seconds I decided it was better to embrace my fate, especially as I could well be her mum.

Wednesday morning saw us flying out to Denmark. Now, I must say, I am absolutely in love with Scandinavia. The food is fabulous, the architecture gorgeous and everyone is friendly, tall, attractive and has a bike. It happened to be a couple of very hot days but the breeze from the sea made it bearable and dear God we walked a hell of a lot. We had a hotel right in the city centre near Nyhavn so we did our tried and tested concept of pop out, come back, pop out again that we have down to a T.

I did, rather foolishly, ignore my lactose intolerance because who can say NO to liquorice ice cream and cream cake? I did suffer for it but boy was it worth it. We ate a lot, saw so much and still not enough and spend a great evening in an old amusement park flying in a chain swing high over the city. Sickness inducing but you only live once. We just stayed until Friday night but it was a fantastic few days. And made us hungry for yet more travels.

I had to work Saturday and Sunday but as I am off for two weeks after that it was more than bearable. Now  just have to brace myself for two weeks with my little monsters. Wish me luck.

Much love marvelous people. Candidly yours, TC.

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