July 2019 – Week 29

This has not only been the last week of the entire school year but is also the week our beloved au pair is going back home to pursue new adventures. As in university. We are going to miss her terribly. She has been great with the boys, like a little sister and friend to me and she will forever be remembered for christening the cat to ‘le chat’. Unfortunately for her successor, she has as lot to live up to.

Work is a bit of a drag at the moment. The weather is reasonably decent and I’d rather be outside enjoying the sunshine than being stuck inside a stuffy old warehouse unpacking school socks and trousers. Because we are getting ready for the new school year already. I wish I was that prepared ….. Of course you can count on the last day of school bringing torrential rain and black skies for the next six weeks because that is English weather for you.

My youngest brought all the things he made in school throughout the year home gradually over the last couple of days; I’m not entirely sure where I am meant to keep it all, I probably should rent an extra room. Or maybe I finally sift through the boxes and boxes of stuff I have collected of the children’s art works and random stuff and what not to make sure there is only keep worthy stuff in them. But then I find it difficult to part from their beautiful creations so it might not be a good idea. There must be another corner in the loft I have not yet filled up with bits.

Now, our au pair was leaving super early on Sunday morning, taking a bus to Paris for a stopover with some family – plus you accumulate a lot of stuff in a year and the air fares for excess luggage are extortionate so dragging four giant bags on the bus seemed a better option – so we had a celebratory meal on the Friday night. Quite befitting, it had to be Spoons for the last supper, what else. Of course Nelly came along too. Family after all.

Sunday brought us an emotional farewell and then the boys gradually went to their dads too for their first week of summer holidays. All of a sudden, it was all so quiet…..

Much love marvelous people. Candidly yours, TC.

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