July 2019 – Week 28

This week has been ridiculous at work. I worked as much as I normally do in the weeks running up to Christmas. To say I am overtired and very grumpy is a bit of an understatement. But then there are holidays to pay for and things I like to get so maybe I should not grumble too much and see it as a blessing in disguise. Well I can try at least. But then I like having a good moan every now and then and work is a great target for it.

It has started to dawn on me that our wonderful au pair is going to leave us soon and I am really going to miss her. We have found as new one already, French too, from the same area as well, so I see that as a good omen. She seems very nice too and she exchanged a lot of emails with our current one which hasn’t put her off so fingers crossed we are on to another winner here.

July is a funny month. It’s a run up to the summer holidays. It seems to go quicker than other months and it marks the end for so many things. Or maybe it just feels like it now because once you have kids, they define the course of the year. For many years.

As you can tell, not a lot has happened this week. In fact I’m not entirely sure where it’s gone.

Much love marvelous people. Candidly yours, TC.


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