June 2019 – Week 26

This week has officially been the end of my life. I am not joking. Last week, I had visited my GP because I have some unflattering issues with my stomach. Some days more, some days less, I sport a defined pregnant look. And I have been getting rather fed up with it as I am otherwise quite. So I have endured a number of tests – did I ever mention I am horrified of having my blood taken. One of them is a lactose intolerance test, which is done by means of exclusion as some of you might know. Well, as it turned out, cutting out dairy is bloody hard. Do you know how much milk powder is in the most randomest of things? All my lovely granola and muesli bars are out of window and I am stuck with those yucky and boring grain bars.

It also turned out that when I reintroduce milk into my diet, my shall we say ‘internal’ reaction gets so much worse every time. So undignified. And gross. TMI, I know. So it is safe to say, dairy is now my enemy. Which means no milk obviously. And no butter, no cheese, no cream cakes and a hell of a lot of other stuff I love to eat. Please kill me now. Also, why on earth is there milk powder in bread??

As my middle son is also lactose intolerant – and now I understand his suffering so much more – I am going to start changing most dairy products for the entire family to soy. And I’m experimenting with nut milks and so far coconut is definitely my favourite. Still, walking past the cheese counter brings tear to my eyes. I am however already experimenting with butter replacements in cake – I will not be defeated on this front, I just need to be a little creative. So far, I am stuck on making madeleines and they are delicious.

I might even start writing about my dairy free cake days, once I manage more than one type of the stuff. So watch this space.

Much love marvelous people. Candidly yours, TC.

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