June 2019 – Week 25

 This week did not start with cake like the last one but at least it did with good intentions. After taking up my running again, I am sticking with it. It’s hard. But I fond dropping the little one to school and going right after the school run works a treat. Fingers crossed I see it through this time, it is quite hot the last few days and that was my undoing last year.

Work has been a doddle this week too, but then I managed to squeeze in a little visit to the motherland which has been a lovely and very welcome break. I spend the day in a beautiful city called Mainz, visiting the Chagall windows in St. Stephan, walking along the Rhine and the old city and eating way too much food. Not that difficult on the last count, I love German food (obviously) and walking makes me hungry as hell. Just like running. It was nice spending some time with my parents too, it is always a lot calmer and more relaxed without the boys there.

I am starting to get more and more homesick if I’m honest and I’m hoping to see a lot more of home in the future. I am even thinking about moving back a lot sooner than I originally planned, but for now I will not make any rash decisions and just appreciate the fact I live close to an airport. Yes, yes I am fully aware of my carbon footprint, but as long as those flights are on offer at a reasonable price, that plane will fly wether I’m on it or not. So for now, give me a break.

Much love marvelous people. Candidly yours, TC.

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