June 2019 – Week 23

Back to school this week and Monday was my mum’s birthday too. I have been a good daughter this year and made sure she got some lovely flowers and a chocolate cake to go with it. Not that I have not done so in previous years but this year I had it all sorted days before and not made a last minute thing. Improvement from my part I would like to point out. You can’t wing everything in life.

As you might remember I had been in a bit of a mood over Christmas so I had cancelled our usual Christmas do due to you know who and there has not really been another opportunity to throw a bit of a party since. Now of course the has just been the glorious anniversary of my birth so Sunday was going to see a bit of a get together with a little barbeque. Nothing big, just a few friends and a lot of food.

It always surprises me how even a small event makes a lot of extra work. Against my usual colour sense, I went all pink this time. When I say pink I mean rose gold and lilac kind of shades. I still have an aversion to girly pinky pink and I don’t think that will ever leave me. I saw a woman in a bright pink puffa jacket recently and it scared the living daylight out of me. But as so often, I get side tracked here. I got an unholy amount of balloons for my do, and a helium canister too, because I don’t do things by half. And I do admit I was absolutely in love with my pastel coloured hearts floating about everywhere. There seems to be still a girly girl in me somewhere. After a frantic week with lots of shopping and baking, Sunday afternoon was a chilled affair that did me the world of good.

It definitely recharged my batteries and there was surprisingly little to tidy up afterwards although I am not entirely sure how that happened. As usual, there was too much cake left afterwards, but that was absolutely nothing to complain about. There can never be too much cake.

Much love marvelous people. Candidly yours, TC.

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