May 2019 – Week 22

There is nothing like an early morning taxi ride to the airport to start off your week, especially when you are completely hyper on coffee after not sleeping at all the night before. The adventures of Marie & Nelly continue in Spain this week, in Madrid to be precise. Being well prepared – with travel guide and hair straighteners in tow – nothing could possibly go wrong.

It’s my birthday week and I was really looking forward to spending it in this place, my only contact with Spain so far has been a visit to Mallorca twenty years ago and although I was in Tenerife a few years back, I wouldn’t necessarily count that either. One minor detail that had slipped my attention though – and made Nelly laugh on a number of occasions – was the fact that this week was also the champions league final week. Which happens to take place in Madrid. I might have sworn a few times at random footballs being dotted around the city or the giant screens and other football related irritations adorning the plaza mayor asnd ruining my pictures.

Our hotel was right in the city centre, with a roof top pool and terrace that came in rather handy as it was really hot. Madrid is an amazing city, the architecture and parcs are so beautiful and the food is delicious. We spend a lot of time browsing the local supermarkets for interesting looking food, carrying our treasures back to the hotel for late night feasts and eating our body weight in Churros in the Mercado de San Miguel.

On my birthday, we started the day with cakes for breakfast, snacking our way around town popping into all those opulent churches you find everywhere dotted around and went for a paella and an evening walk in the Retiro. The day ended watching the sun going down over the roofs of Madrid, cocktail in hand. I can get used to spending my birthdays like this.

I was working on the weekend – I tend to do that now as it gives me most of the week off but I am not using up too many holidays. I did miss my little monsters though and was quite glad to get them all back on the Sunday. Now for the last stretch before the summer holidays.

Much love marvelous people. Candidly yours, TC.

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