May 2019 – Week 21

The last week before a half term always seems to be a lot busier even though you don’t really do anything else. The boys had this one with their dads so I tried to spend some more time with them before they are off for ten days. Somehow, quality time in our house always seems to involve home made pizza and cake galore. I have recently by accident discovered that adding more flour to pancake batter with some cinnamon and clove (firm favourites in our house in the cake department, my Christmas obsession is obviously genetic) makes some kind of spiced buns that taste surprisingly yummy and disappear in record time.

I bugged the boys to watch Aquaman with me, of course purely because I think it’s a great film and not at all for the fact that you could really watch it muted and the screen frozen on a fishy Khal Drogo. They did so albeit under protest and repaid me by connecting their switch to my tv – sometimes I hate modern technology.

Overall we had a lovely week together though, quite chilled and with a lot of laughter. As much as I complain about them – and to be absolutely honest, I don’t believe those perfect mothers out there who never once have enough of their offspring – I love my three beyond comprehension. I enjoy my free time but I also miss their madness and I quite like it now that my older two have their mobiles and I can call or text them if I want to. Not that I always get a reply, but never mind.

As I have next week off too, I had to pack for my next adventure, this time in Madrid. We had a really early flight, so my lovely Nelly stayed the night at mine. And being the responsible grown-ups we are, we threw an all-nighter, with ice cream, hot chocolate and some fizz (alcohol free as yes, I am still not drinking). I love being my mature and sensible self sometimes. I shall report back to you of my next little adventure once I have safely returned.

Much love marvelous people. Candidly yours, TC.

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