May 2019 – Week 20

It is traveling week. Flying with the children to Germany week to be more precise. It might involve taking them out of school for half a day but my airline of choice has such a shitty schedule to fly where I need to go, it’s not really possible otherwise. Now before you get all upset, I hardly ever do it and I would never take them on an entire holiday during school times, but I really cannot see the harm in half a day.

The week itself has been filled with work and au pair finding, which is quite time consuming and really not one of my favourite activities. But until my youngest can stay at home without permanent supervision there is no other option. Only another three or four years ……

Getting through the airport with three children is not one of my favourite activities either, especially as something ALWAYS happens. This time, my oldest decided to put some jelly beans in his hoody, so it got scanned and scanned again, because their semi liquid state mean they could potentially be very dangerous. I guess. For the waistline at least. Thankfully we don’t suffer from earaches anymore so the flights themselves are not too bad.

I have to admit, I am getting more and more homesick these days. I don’t think it’s to do with the disaster going on in the UK called Brexit (please refrain from arguing politics with me, as a European, I obviously have a very different outlook on this than some Brits), but after a long time away, it is drawing me back to my roots. Of course it is not as easily addressed, I still have the boys and they are not old enough to be left or plucked up and moved but Something has to change about this. What I cannot say.

Two days are not enough to do much, but I managed to catch up with an old friend again and then we had the little matter of Son B’s birthday to take care of. We went to his favourite pizza place in town and my mum made him a dairy free birthday cake which he loved.

Coming back on Sunday lunchtime, he got the rest of the day to celebrate with his dad. Happy child all around. This my friends, has been a good week.

Much love marvelous people. Candidly, TC.

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