May 2019 – Week 19

And it’s a new month. Not just any old month, but my birthday month at that. I like having my birthday. I don’t mind getting older. Plus I am going to spend this birthday in sunny Spain so I have something to look forward to. After a little trip the week before to see my parentes with the offspring. So a busy month but a good one at that. With a little bit of work thrown in and another half term, but the boys spend this one with their dads so I don’t have to worry too much about that one.

I also have to start looking for a new au pair this week. Our current one is the loveliest and simply the best we ever had, and she would have stayed another year, alas she got a place to study at home after all so she is going back to ~France in July. I am now obviously quite biased – two crappy German au pairs, one brilliant French one. Guess where I would like the next one to be from.

Finding an au pair is quite a daunting thing actually. It’s a bit like ‘Married at first sight’ only you are kind of forced to sit it out for a year because thew thought of trying to replace them half way through as school year is so terrifying you put up with rather a lot. So let’s go back to painting our family in the best light possible, writing hundreds of ‘applications’, Skype interviews and fingers crossed we find someone who can put up with us for 11 months and we with them. I shall continue to update you on my progress.

Much love marvelous people. Candidly, TC.

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