April 2019 – Week 17

After last week’s Italian adventure and a few mad day at work ( it was Easter after all), the week started with a return of the offspring and a well deserved day off.

Have you not just been on holiday I hear you say? Well it has not really been a holiday, it was more of an educational trip you know. Experience a new culture. Broaden my horizon. Plus as single mum of three, you very much deserve any day off you can get. Period.

As it’s still technically Easter, me and the lovely au pair decided to do a proper Easter feast and to make it more of an occasion, I invited my lovely Nelly along. She is more or less part of the family by now anyway. Everyone received their obligatory ginormous chocolate egg and we had a lovely late lunch together followed by chilling out on the sofas and watching a soppy movie. Well at least for me and the other girls in the house, of course the boys turned their noses up at the soppy thing and proceeded to slay something. Virtually only of course.

The next day was already back to school and normality and it already being Tuesday it turned out to be a rather short week. Helped by the fact that I might have possibly messed up the schedule with the boys dads so they had another weekend with them. Not the end of the world in my eyes these days.

I would love to say I have been incredibly productive this week but alas I have not been and the weekend was no better. I am distinctly lacking motivation these days. Might be my age, who knows.

Much love marvelous people. Candidly, TC.

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