April 2019 – Week 16

Finally, MY holiday week has arrived. Not just because I have no kids to deal with for a few days but also I am going on a little trip to Italy. Naples to be precise. And I have been looking forward to it a lot. I have not been to Italy since I moved to the UK so it has been a rather long time but I have always been quite fond of the country of pizza and amore. But let’s be honest, who isn’t?

Now the first revelation of this trip was booking the fast track through security in Stansted – how did I not know this marvel of time efficiency existed? Second revelation in regards to crossing borders – in future I will always travel with my passport rather than my ID card because it takes for-bloody-ever to get through non-scanner security otherwise.

I was travelling with my lovely friends P and R, the latter was convinced we would die a horrible death between the airport and the hotel as Italian driving takes a little getting used to. Overall her aversion to Napoli’s traffic of all forms was a constant throughout the trip. You will be pleased to know we did survive it all and are now pros at fearlessly crossing a four lane motorway. As I intend to write another post about this trip, I will keep it short and sweet for now but I have to tell you that I worked my way multiple times through all the pastries and cakes available for breakfast, had the most amazing seafood pasta by the harbour and managed to burn my chest and shoulders quite badly. Like proper tourist style. We didn’t actually see that much of Naples as we had a trip to Pompei as well as Capri, so another visit is very much on the cards.

We were already flying back on Friday morning and by the evening, I was back in work (yes I am mad but it’s double pay on bank holidays, so not entirely) and repeating the same on the Saturday because I like to keep a few days holiday back for later in the year. I was only having Sunday to myself now before the boys would come back, but I managed a cheeky dip into London, having a rather pleasant walk, just recharging my batteries a little more and enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

I have to say, this was a rather fantastic week, and yes I did miss my tribe, but I really enjoy getting this time to myself, especially when I really do something with it. I have a few more small trips lined up and I’m already looking forward to those.

Much love marvellous people. Candidly, TC.

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