April 2019 – Week 15

I could have sworn we just had school holidays. Like last week. And as much as I love my offspring they can be a little challenging if having to be entertained 24/7 especially when I also have to work. Because even with split holidays, there are still off more than I can take off and forgive me for saying this, but I also like my personal time off, child free, to recharge my batteries. There, I said it. How dare I. Bad mother, I am.

Now after his little dive out of the window experience last week, the cat was in dire need of some rest, although especially Son C did not quite get it right and nearly suffocated the poor thing with his love and care. He was hissed at in the process quite a few times. Poor cat might have lost another life too with all the stress.

The weather was quite decent this week so I decided to get the machetes out and finally start tackling the wilderness behind the house we call garden. Just in case we might get something resembling a summer this year. We had built a teepee a while ago which has now unfortunately fallen victim to the elements so our first job was to take that apart and produce some firewood from it and to make it a bit more fun, we build the chimenea I bought the week before and made a fire. This is were I definitely notice I’m raising boys – there was a lot of happiness and excitement once the flames shot well over a metre high out of the top. But we didn’t burn the house down so no need to worry.

Before this week, I had mapped out an itinary but in the end it all went out of the window. We all just wanted to chill rather than run around somewhere and you know what, it was just fine like this. There are more days coming we can fill with business, it’s okay to just do nothing sometimes. I have been quite  busy as it’s the run up to another holiday so work wise there is a lot to do and it is quite enjoyable to do the Netflix and chill routine with your kiddies. Once you decide on something everyone wants to watch that is, which can take a week or so.

All boys went to their dads on Sunday and I have to say this week went by quite pleasantly and swiftly. And yes I do admit I will miss them when they are not here.

Much love marvellous people. Candidly, TC.

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