April 2019 – Week 14

I can’t quite believe we are in April already, where did the start of the year go? This is also the last week before the Easter holidays so I have to start giving it some thought how I entertain my offspring during their time off they spend with me. Luckily I don’t have to worry too much about Easter itself as for some reason or another the boys all already got something that most definitely qualifies as an little something from the Easter bunny (read: me).

My little person has been working very hard on a large piece of homework on red pandas over the last few weeks culminating in a presentation of his year this week on endangered species. I always try to play it supercool at these things but the truth is I am bursting at the seams with pride to see him up there confidently presenting his bit.

The other important thing this week is taking the older two to the opticians, which has to be planned with military precision to combine hard to come by appointments, me finishing work and them getting out at different times in schools at opposite ends of town. Of course it goes a little bit wrong so Son C and the au pair have to walk into town with Son A while I am stuck in traffic with son B. But being the superstars we are they are now up to date with their eye tests and still not in need of glasses unlike me and their dad at that age. Fingers crossed they do not turn out to be as blind as we are.

Friday school finishes early of course, well at least for two of them. So three kids – three different times. Oh the joys of parental organisation. If only I was as organised as I should be. To celebrate the holidays we get a treat of Chinese food because we all deserve it and I really cannot be bothered to cook a wholesome, super healthy meal that night. I have to work at the weekend which is just as well as the boys just want to chill for a bit but the cat has other ideas Saturday morning.

A very lovely Ryanair girl suddenly rang our doorbell to inform me that my cat had just parachuted out of the second floor window and was now hiding under the car. As soon as we open the door he limbs out and hides in the kitchen and my heart drops because I worry he has broken everything. We manage to get him into his carrier and Son B comes with me to the vet for moral support. Miraculously, he hasn’t broken anything although I am convinced he lost five of his seven lives with this stunt. He has to stay at the vets for a few hours but then I can bring him home.

He needs to rest and is still limping around but he will be okay. That is one bloody lucky cat! Let’s hope this isn’t a sign of how these holidays pan out.

Much love marvelous people. Candidly, TC.

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