March 2019 – Week 12

Argh, only a marginally better effort this week but I hope you can give me some leniency and recognise the improvement. Albeit only slight but let’s focus on the positives here. I have been extremely stressed about this week for months now because it has been looming with a court hearing with ex-husband No2 later in the week that I was not looking forward to at all, but let me get to that in a bit.

The beginning of the week has been a bit slow but then Mondays and Tuesdays tend to be catch-ups with a week before especially when I did not have my offspring around at the weekend and if I know I have a lot on later I tried to keep them as much low key as possible anyway.  One thing I would like to bring to your attention is that I managed to produce something German calls Kartoffelpuffer. A type of potato pancake, similar to a Rosti but not quite. I am pleased to announce they were not only eaten but also requested again. Result for the girl.

As usual I was doing the night shift on Wednesday and of all the days to be running over it had to be this one so I have to appear in court with only four hours sleep. To say I was mortified is an understatement. However I was very pleasantly surprised that me and ex husband No2 were able to deal with this entirely amicably and even managed a civil lunch afterwards. And he got me a coffee for the wait. I am hoping that this is a trend that will continue for the future as unfortunately I cannot say the same for ex-husband No1 who just loves being a dick it seems.

I had been really looking forward to the evening because I was meeting a new friend in a little wine and tapas bar nearby. We are the same age and she is currently going through separation and divorce herself and has to deal with all the challenges and pitfalls that come with it. Apart from the fact that she is a rather wonderful person and I’m looking forward to having another girly night out with her soon, I also have to say I think we both belong to a special kind of woman of our generation. A bit like some wines we get better much with age. We stand our ground, are confident in ourselves, independent, educated and still very attractive. More so, we decided to not just settle for something but rather pursue happiness for our future. And it seems to me there are more and more of us. And before you are giving me the ‘what about the guys’, yes of course it goes for them as well, but last time I checked I didn’t have three legs so cut me some slack.

On Friday I met my lovely friend Richard again for dinner at Max’s near Covent Garden which I cannot recommend highly enough, especially their Virgin Colada. We followed it by a stroll to a coffee shop in Soho, with a quick nip through Chinatown. Bloody brilliant and a perfect end to a busy week. I was absolutely shattered when I got home and the rest of the weekend was just work and not much else.

Much love marvellous people. Candidly, TC.

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