March 2019 – Week 11

I know, I know. I have to hang my head in shame, this week has been way too long in the pipeline and is very much overdue. Not that it has been a particularly busy or outstanding week just the blink and you miss it kind of week so really there is not much of an excuse but hey you know how life goes sometimes.

Weekdays have been the usual – school(s), Beavers/Scouts, friends over in the afternoon kind of stuff heading towards a weekend with no kids. Two days of peace and quiet on the horizon. Praise the Lord, I need it. One thing that I suddenly realised this week is that next weekend is Mothers Day, at least in England. My mother who lives on the continent has a different Mothers Day. I cannot tell you how many problems this has caused for me throughout the years because I always forget so I now have an annual alarm set on my phone (NO JOKE) to remind me of my mother’s Mother’s Day because she is pissed off with me for weeks and gives me the silent treatment. Why there has to be a different Mothers Day in different countries I do not know – answers on a post card please.

So the kids went to their dads on Friday which should have meant a weekend of rest for me and the au pair only that on Friday I went on a date with a really nice guy. Interesting conversation over a huge burgers and some Bud Prohibition (mental note: goes flat quite quickly and a bit sweet, so I have to keep looking for a nice alcohol-free beer) TGI’s definitely had been a good shout and he was such a sweetie he even brought me a box of chocolates.

Saturday was one of those should have done before going to work days but there is always next week and I also came across this rather awesome bio pic about Mötley Crüe on Netflix so I had to watch that. Yes, had. That’s my youth crammed into 90 minutes and I still know all the songs. This girl is a rock chick at heart. Saturday was interrupted by work as usual but on Sunday it was time for another outing with my lovely Nat. Liquid breakfast in Covent Garden – the caffeine not booze kind – followed by an amazing lunch at Hubbard & Bell. Their lamb Sunday roast was to die for and a very generous portion we still managed to stuff in some pudding though. Right across the road is My old Dutch, a pancake place as well. Not that we were able to eat another morsel, but a mental note has been made that there has to be a pancake crawl soon.

We also picked up a couple of travel guides for Naples and Madrid, our next destinations. Week over. I hope Summer is on his way soon, I am getting fed up by the chill now.

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