March 2019 – Week 9

Did I ever mention I am as blind as a bat? I am also very capable at breaking things so I had managed recently not not only break one, but two pairs of glasses. Thankfully Monday brought me relief because I could collect two new pairs first thing in the morning. Because I am getting on a bit my eyes seem to slowly get better (because you get far sighted with old age, don’t you know). I worked out that by the time I’m 80, I will have perfect vision. That is definitely something to look forward to.

I told you a couple of weeks ago I was looking forward to something good happening and I am beyond excited to let you know that I found out this week, I am a huge, giant step closer to it. I am still a little sceptical that it will entirely work out but it is looking very much so. To say I’m excited is an understatement but for now I will try to hold those horses on this one just in case.

So now I already mentioned two highlights of my week – don’t judge me, I am after all a middle-aged woman with a full-time job and three kids it’s easy to get me excited with mediocre things. Now for a real highlight though – I went to my first museum late with my lovely friend Richard at the National Gallery and absolutely loved it! Why it took me over a decade to get round to do this I cannot say but I’m so glad I finally came round to it because now I tasted blood I can’t wait for more. I even came across a portrait of myself, I will put in Instagram shortly so have a peek. I promise it will make you laugh.

And for the last, and probably most important highlight of the week, suitably coming around on Sunday to finish the week of with a bang – my ‘baby’ turned 8 this week. Where exactly the time has gone I really can’t say but I am so proud of my little guy. He had a tough couple of years with me and his dad splitting up but he has come out of it and is still the loveliest, cutest little person you can imagine. If he now stops bugging me for a little brother or sister for company he promises to look after for me (I am still laughing about that one), he will be just perfect. To celebrate we got a rather decadent double chocolate dream from one of my favourite cake shops which will disappear entirely tonight. Have a lovely week people!

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