Feb 2019 – Week 7

This week, as every week, had a Thursday. A completely normal day on which us normal people go to work. Unfortunately for us singles, some American florists decided to commercialise a random saint’s day to sell more flowers and now we are faced with all these not so subtle hints that no one will send us any cards this year. Bleurgh. Thank you so much for making me and a large part of the general population feel like second class citizens because we don’t get to join in. Not.

Aaaanyway, the beginning of the week has been as usual – and I still haven’t heard from my little adventure last week which makes me secretly hope it will come to fruition because no news is good news, right? Wednesday I did my usual night shift and to my utter dismay my shoulder started kicking off again. By the end of my shift, I wanted to go up the walls.

Thursday, yuk day (yes my aversion might have something to do with spending it with a certain cowboy previously – how the hell he pulled that off I still can’t get my head round). Thankfully, I have my honorary sis who lives close by, so we decided to get ourselves the best breakfast ever. Fluffy pancakes with banana, pecans and caramel sauce. Who needs flowers when you can have that?

My shoulder was – and still is – giving me a lot of grief so we ended up having a snooze on the sofa before heading off to collect our respective children. Only to reunite about an hour later for fish & chips and a movie. I have some to the conclusion that if all else fails, I am going to propose to her. After all this time, I’m sure there won’t be any surprises.

Friday brought a bit of work (because it has to be done), a bit of pampering (I just love Monica for always coming up with something pretty for my nails) and an evening of fizz (still the non-boozy kind), a duvet and a little Sherlock binge. Blissedy bliss bliss. Saturday, work day. Easter is coming and we are all expected to eat our body weight in chocolate.

Sunday. Chill day for the whole family. I should have probably been a little more engaged in all the household chores that have been patiently waiting throughout the week considering I’m planning to take off over the half term with my bambinos but no holiday would be complete with a little high pressure last minute packing when the cab to the airport is already waiting. I did however manage to produce a cottage pie. Only it was goulasch covered in gratin potatoes, so kind of an Euro cottage pie. And I have you know it was rather delicious. Tally Ho my lovely people.

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