Feb 2019 – Week 6

A week without nosebleeds! What a success. No really. If you ever had to deal with gushing red floods in the middle of the night or Halloween like school blazers, you will understand my excitement. And the amount of time saved on not having to wash near ruined garments of various descriptions.

I would like to say this has been a bit of an uneventful week but alas it was not. The first half of it by no means, but I happened to spend Thursday near Earl’s Court, trying to follow up on a long dream of mine. The outcome of this is still up in the air and wasn’t helped by only getting into bed past 3am (work, not pleasure I hasten to add), so I was really not performing at my best. But, whatever will be will be and I did give it a bloody good shot.

With the offspring at their dads, I had an absolutely rocking Friday evening – drinking alcohol free Prosecco on the sofa, watching some TWD and eating a lot of things that probably are not very good for me but who cares. I had/have a long list of things that currently needs tending to, but to be perfectly honest, I was not in the mood. Nothing is going up in flames or about to die (I did feed cat and gerbil) so it can wait until next week. Of course I had to work Saturday night again, but I’m getting used to this rhythm now so it’s not actually that bad.

Sunday, going into the big city for lunch day. My lovely Nelly had reserved us a table at one of our favourite haunts, the Coppa Club at Tower Bridge. For a VERY late lunch. We might have hopped into IKEA on the way, for a rather atypical visit – I only bought what I needed. I did not even purchase a single pack of napkins. I have yet do decide if I should be proud or ashamed of this achievement…. I can however absolutely recommend to nip into their coffee bar for some cake. We tried the chocolate & cardamom and the coconut & lime cakes and they were just yummy.

After swinging by the RA to take another look at the PsychoBarn by Cornelia Parker, we discovered that having a late lunch does have its drawbacks. Like there actually no Sunday roast being left. Because it’s late. Of course it was a punishment to eat my burger. And the pecan pie. Which by the way will now forever make me think of Carol and Tyreese & the girls. Google it if you don’t know what I’m on about. Still, I could have had the entire pie, not just a slice. Getting home around 7.30pm, Son C was fed and soon put to bed, and I got some more chill time. Overall, not a bad week at all. Now fingers crossed my new venture materialises. Much love to you all xx


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