Hill Garden & Pergola, Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath might not be in the city, but it is London nonetheless and such a beautiful and tranquil place, it is well worth a visit throughout the year. The Pergola itself is a little faded – which I think only adds to the appeal of the structure – a once glorious raised walkway from Edwardian times, giving you some fantastic views over the Heath. It’s a little overgrown in places, giving it even more character and just so, so pretty. It used to be part of the gardens of a stately home, aptly called The Hill, which has now been converted into private residences after a stint in the possession of Manor House Hospital. No wonder it has popped up on my Instagram on numerous occasions.

I went for the first time last year in early September with my lovely friend Nelly because we fancied a change of scenery and some fresh air to go with our Sunday lattes. We missed the roses in bloom, so that is earmarked to go back to in the spring, but none the less it turned out to be a great idea. Parking is easy to find and walking over the Heath itself is just lovely. The Pergola is a quite popular spot to visit so we were not the only ones heading that way but it was surprisingly quiet, although I’m certain that isn’t always the case.

I probably could have done a little more research into the area beforehand as we entirely missed out on the deer in Golders Hill Park as well as Kenwood House which is just a little walk away. Although that might make two additional visits; I’d love to bring my kids because there are plenty of things to keep them occupied but they might not appreciate being dragged around stuffy old places where they are not allowed to touch anything.

Never mind – there is always the next child-free Sunday coming up and we are planning on taking a picnic along in the summer months as the whole area just screams out for a day of frolics in the sun, taking it easy and just enjoying a little time out before returning to the buzz of day to day life.

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