Afternoon Tea @ Podium

January has a tendency to be drab, so what better way to spend a Tuesday afternoon by having afternoon tea, crafted by the winners of the professionals version of GBBO? Podium is located in the Hilton on Park Lane, it’s modern, bright and spacious and just so you don’t make the same mistake like we did and look a little stupid, the entrance is inside the hotel, not outside.

It wasn’t too busy, which was really nice and we started off with some canape style sandwiches. Slightly unglam to try and eat the prawn cocktail one with your fingers, thank God I had a napkin over my lap. I admit I picked the raisins out of the coronation chicken one though, I just can’t stand the damn things. Our waitress was really lovely offering us a second plate each which we happily accepted due to a) a lack of decent breakfast and b) them being rather delicious.

Cake time. You just need to look at the pic and their yumminess is jumping at you but my two favourites were the caramelised banana macaroon (yes, that combination surprised me too, but it really worked and it tasted great) and the Pina Colada cheesecake. Not that the others weren’t superb too, but these two I could eat every day, all day. With a couple of prawn cocktail or salmon and horseradish sandwiches thrown in. There were a couple of additions to your traditional scones, in the form of a chocolate chip one and some salted caramel spread. I know it’s a chef’s job to come up with things like that but still, awesome idea.

Due to the double amount of sandwiches we had consumed earlier, we had to fight our way through the cake. It always amazes me just how filling afternoon tea turns out to be, with it’s minute portions. Podium do super cute cake boxes, and they are even better when they contain those you didn’t manage to eat. So I had the pleasure of having my deconstructed Black Forest gateau at 11pm in front of the TV. Quite the upgrade to the usual I must say.

I need to work my way round quite a number of places offering afternoon tea, but Podium is definitely on the list for a second visit.


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