Jan 2019 – Week 1

We have a new year. Excellent. Now let’s see how many months it takes me this time to remember there is now a 9 instead of the 8. Probably until 2020 and then I will be entirely screwd because two numbers change at once.

So far, the year has started off not too badly. There are some changes on the horizon in regards to work, which will mean bye bye to night shifts (at least to a large degree) and regular working hours, so more time for family and friends. More regularity and hopefully decent nights sleep again which is needed direly.

NYE was a rather lovely affair, we stayed in, made pizza from scratch and watched Deadpool 1 and 2. In pyjamas. Kids loved it, I loved it, just what we all needed. In general it has been a very chilled week – our au pair has returned which is rather good as I am always worried we scare them off and school is around the corner again too. Christmas has gone mostly back in the loft, but I still haven’t said good bye to the tree or my nutcracker collection. The second will probably stay, but the first mentioned will have to diappear soon, it would be nice to be able to move again in the lounge.

What is not so lovely is that Mr Cat after his little operation has decided to spray again and the amount of washing I need to do is driving me absolutely insane. Plus the smell is horrendous. Really, really horrendous. I’m not entirely sure what to do about it but I think he will have to sleep in the kitchen from now on, close to his bathroom.

There was a minor set back from one of the dads of my tribe, but as it was conveyed on Sunday and on closer inspection appears to be a lot of rubbish, I am not entirely certain how this is going to play out until I have investigated it further and conveniently for said person, it’s impossible to do so on a Sunday. I am a little concerned but for now I am not panicking just yet as I can’t be certain yet what is going on.

One thing happened this week that makes me thinks though this is going to be a good year. Several years ago I fell out with some friends as the guy was behaving in a rather unpleasant way. I have seen him around but we have always chosen to ignore each other. We happened to cross paths this week and he came up to me and apologised for his behaviour back then. We had a brief conversation and then parted ways but I do admit it left me with a pretty good feeling.

On Sunday I finally caught up with an old friend of mine, ordering pizza and drinking non-alcoholic Prosecco on the sofa while putting the world to rights. A good end to the first week of the year if you ask me. If this is how it’s going to play out, I’m good. Here’s to that.

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