In Kara Ben Nemsi’s Footsteps – Marrakech

One of the things I want to slowly change is seeing more of the world. I am also terrified of flying. Which is a little inconvenient to say the least. I always wanted to go to Marrakesh so when a good friend of mine was mad enough to say she would come along I sucked it up and we booked a long weekend in Morocco.

Marrakesh is an absolutely amazing place and I fell in love with it instantly.  It is incredibly hot in July so we split our days in exploration trips after breakfast and lazing by the pool in the afternoon. It’s easy to grab a cab at any hotel to hitch a ride into the city and once there you can move about quite hassle free as long as you wear appropriate and respectful clothes.

20180720_111107.jpgOne of the first places we visited were the Saadian Tombs behind the Kasbah mosque, quite hidden so we missed the entrance a couple of times. It is hard to imagine just how ornate and beautiful the place is and the plain outer shell is utterly deceiving once you get to peek inside. The space is small and to look in the main tomb in all its glory is only possible through a small doorway so you have to have some patience and wait your turn. I promise you though it is worth it. Just look at those beautiful mosaics.

The Majorelle Garden with its incredibly vibrant colours is another place you shouldn’t miss. Despite being built and inhabited by the artist Jacques Majorelle for 30 years it is most famous for having been the residence and last resting place of designer Yves Saint-Laurent. The garden itself is a little work of art and you should take the time to walk through the little Berber museum (no photos are allowed in here) and explore this desert culture.20180723_120222.jpg

20180720_121834.jpgThe Bahia Palace is another place not to be missed. Not as old as you might imagine – it was only built in the late 19th century – it is a comparatively vast space with chambers, courtyards and gardens, all beautifully decorated with intricate mosaics that are just everywhere. Again the outside appears to be disappointing but once you are inside, there is beauty everywhere. Look up every so often – even the doorways and ceilings are covered in mosaics.

The Museum of Marrakesh, just like the Kasbah and the Souks or the Koutoubia mosque are all worth spending time at and don’t be afraid to walk around. We always felt safe and as long as you speak some French you are sorted. I would recommend asking how much things are before you buy them though or you might end up spending 150 pounds in a spice shop like no one I know might have done…..

Our hotel was a bit outside of the city centre but a ten minute walk away was a little shopping centre which we frequented every day for some food and ice cream. We worked our way through a lot of fresh fruit and non alcoholic drinks and a standard shop conversation between us was ‘What’s that?’ – ‘No idea but it looks good’ – ‘Let’s try it’

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