Dec 2018 – Week 51

I really do not know how it possibly can be the week before Christmas but there we are. Last week of school, complete madness at work and I am still half def. Monday started rather good because I could take the day off and I jumped at the chance. I am still feeling pretty poorly and I have to admit it does worry me a bit how long it’s taking me to bounce back from this, normally I am back to my old self after a couple of days. An evening in on the sofa with cuddles from my boys and a movie is perfect for the soul though.

One slightly unnerving thing that has started to emerge over the last weeks is the fact that our cute little Thunder Cat is turning into a real boy. Now the occasional humping of my leg I can handle – and it amuses the smallest boy a great deal – what I cannot deal with is the spraying. Preferably on our beds and sometimes when we are in it too. So this week, we are off to the vet for a little pre-op check. Needless to say he is not happy but I am washing already enough during the week without having to deal with constant pee incidents and let’s face it, the smell is horrendous. Cat was not impressed by our little outing. Little does he know what is in store for him….

Thursday brought a little dinner outing with one of my dearest friends, my Budapest travel companion. We went to Tredwell’s in the West End, one of Marcus Wearing’s restaurants and oh my, if I ever find myself on death row, I might just call on them. Being the carnivore I am I had slow cooked lamb belly followed by a hanger steak (medium rare of course). Just beautiful. Not the biggest selection of booze-free cocktails but I think I have to become a bit more demanding on that subject and just ask for a special. Can’t be that difficult to throw some fruit juices together. Having said that, my quince and apple fizz was really delicious and quite refreshing.

To celebrate the end of school, we wanted to go on a little trip round London to see the Christmas lights but unfortunately that was foiled by oldest child being sick half-way through the day. No chance in hell was I going to put him in a car for a couple of hours. If you ever had to try and clean sick out of a car, you know where I am coming from. I rather let the cat pee on a duvet. He still managed the KFC in the evening though! I would bet money on the fact that he probably felt ill at the thought of a prolonged walk though. As Sunday meant delivering the au pair to the airport and boys to their dads for a week of peace and solitude, we had an early Christmas dinner on Saturday. You just can’t beat Yorkshire puddings covered in gravy. My forever guilty pleasure. Well, one of them.

Rushing around Sunday for hours to deliver everyone to their destination, it is quite a strange feeling to come home to an empty, quiet house. Kind of good, kind of daunting and a little bit sad. I’m glad to have Thunder cat to keep me company for the next week and luckily he is like my fourth child. He loves his Mama and wants cuddles all the time.

And the occasional hump but hey ho, we just look away for that one.

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