Dec 2018 – Week 50

Christmas seems to be coming around a little faster again this year – or maybe it’s just because I’m getting older and we all know old people are always in a rush and have no time for anything. So, in true form, I spend the week doing precisely ….. not much really. Not voluntarily though, mind you. By Monday morning, my feeling unwell from the week before had turned into a full blown being ill, headache, earache, cough the lot. Incredibly pleasant, especially at this time of year. Still, I dragged myself into work because I had moved heaven and earth (read: asked my boss) to change my rota because I wanted to see someone in the evening, which obviously did not happen. When you fall asleep mid-way through a pissed off conversation about your plans going tits up, it’s probably a good thing they did. To cut a long story short, I got a ruptured ear drum and an almighty ear infection in both ears out of this as well as most of the week off work.

I would have loved to be super productive in my enforced time off, but unfortunately throwing in antibiotics and painkillers, forgetting to eat, sleeping more than the cat and discovering all the weird stuff Netflix has to offer in the times between has been everything I was capable off. It wasn’t for a lack of trying but if you ever had an earache and sinusitis, you know it’s close in shittiness only to a toothache. Or the same. Both are insanely debilitating and mean and start to make you wonder if drilling holes in your head could be a viable alternative to traditional medicine to provide you with relief. One of the cutest things though – and better than any pills – is when your seven year old declares that he cannot go to school because he has to look after his Mama. I just love this little guy so much! Didn’t take him up on the offer though, much to his disappointment, and send him off anyway.

This weekend was no boys and I do admit it was blissful. Not that I was up to anything exciting but I do admit having an entirely quiet house can be an utterly soothing thing. Especially when your head feels like someone is taking a jackhammer to it. I think you got the theme of the week by now. I went back to work Saturday though, more because out of a sense of duty than because I felt up to it. It’s a little awkward when you are still pretty def but a great excuse to ignore most people around you and just get on with your own stuff. Not that I would ever ignore anyone on purpose. Ever.

Now, Sunday was nice. I felt up for a bit of an adventure so I fed my Starbucks addiction with a toffee nut latte and went for an afternoon walk around Kensington. Not the tourist filled main roads but the little mews and small streets hardly wide enough for one car. Pretty and peaceful and just what I needed. I picked my little guy up from his dad’s and unashamedly admit I was in bed by 7pm. Crowded by said little guy and the cat, but you know, that’s not bad. Not bad at all. Have a good week folks!

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