Dec 2018 – Week 49

Sorry beautiful people this one took some time to get out. For one, Christmas is just so busy there should officially be more hours in the day so we don’t have to constantly play catch up and I think I also had to recover from the parental visit a lot more than I anticipated. I’m joking of course! Well, at least a little. I have to admit, this visit went relatively well – after a few outrageous comments by my mum in the beginning. The below the belt, absolutely not necessary or appropriate ones unfortunately but then I really should be used to them by now.

Now the beginning of the week was spent cleaning, tidying, more cleaning and oh did I mention more tidying? Which of course was all for nothing because even if I douse the place in bleach my mother will still find something that escaped my efforts.

The reason my parents came over was an early Christmas celebration as my kids are with their dads this year. Our traditional Christmas dinner is a meat fondue which is absolutely amazeballs. My mum makes an egg salad sauce that especially my oldest can’t resist and I do admit it is pretty awesome, especially the curry variety. And I was very proud of myself this year for producing dessert. Not just any old chestnut, but an edible village with a cookie tree and little houses made out of genoise sponge and chocolate orange cream, dotted with gingerbread men. I am pleased to let you know it was indeed edible and actually tasted quite good, although it is not often I get asked by my kids if they can eat a house now.

With my youngest being seven, my kids don’t believe in Santa anymore and address their wish lists to me these days. Being the lovely Mama I am of course I delivered and I was so touched by their presents to me – some quirky London guides to hidden and unusual places. My guys just know me too well. I’m trying to not go overboard with Christmas presents, with two homes come two celebrations and I have no desire to engage in some unhealthy competition about who bought the biggest gift. I don’t think it teaches them the right lessons in life. And after all, that’s not what Christmas is about. At least it shouldn’t be.

I had to work Saturday night and I started feeling really rough (which manifested itself in a pretty horrendous ear infection the week after), so having family day on Sunday was just what we all needed. After homework and other boring household chores we raided the biscuit tins first before proceeding to prolonged siestas, only to reconvene on the sofa a couple of hours later for a take away and movie night. Sometimes doing not much at all is just what you have to do. Especially when it involves Chow Mein and Jack Sparrow.  You understand, savvy?


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