Dec 2018 – Week 48

It’s December and with that, officially allowed to put up your Christmas tree! Never mind mine has been up a while, my excuse is rather good: with parents abroad and two ex-husbands, Christmas is a juggling act. So my family Christmas this year will be next weekend. So everything has to happen a little earlier.

Having my mother to visit also means basically spring cleaning the house and some. Including sorting out every cupboard and shelf she could possibly look in or at. And make sure there is enough food and drink in the house she finds agreeable which can be surprisingly difficult. Panic stations on all front for me really.  So when I wasn’t working silly hours this week, I was cleaning under beds, wiping down skirting boards and checking best before dates in the fridge. I love my mum, but she has the highest expectations (or aspirations?) for me, and when you work full-time,m have three kids and a cat, they are not easily lived up to. It does not help that we have pretty much opposite ideas of what is important and what isn’t, so you can count on every meeting eventually ending with us at loggerheads and an atmosphere in the house you can cut with a knife.

The week flew by, but the weekend has been mine, all mine. No work, no kids, no prior engagements. So Saturday called for a little trip into the heart of London, but oh my god did I regret that more or less as soon as I set foot on the streets. About 5 million people had the same idea and being squashed on Oxford Street is not what I would call fun. But I got a few more presents for my kids so it wasn’t all bad. And walking all the way to Covent Garden when it’s dark and you have the Christmas lights twinkling everywhere is just lovely.  I peeked into the Christmas market on Leicester Square but it was so rammed, I don’t think it would have been much fun – note to self, try again on a Wednesday afternoon. I’m sure I looked like a proper tourist more than once stopping to take a picture of some sparkles in the sky or on a tree. Or a reflection in a puddle. I can get quite artsy with this. Or obsessive. I’m on the fence with that one. And I have an admission to make – I had a proper Prosecco again. And it was nice. I think I might have a little tipple here and there again over the festive season.

Sunday has been super chilled, putting up decorations and making the first batch of Christmas cookies. I LOVE making them – my nan used to have a special kitchen in her house just for the holidays and it was fulled to the brim with tins each containing a different type of cookie. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m definitely working on that one. Oh and some more cleaning. I am dreaming of bleach and marigolds and mops at the moment.

And on a closing note, for a number of reasons, I do not feel all doom and gloom anymore. Still a little, but my mood since last week has most certainly lifted. This is as much down to myself as it is to other people and I am very grateful to those in my life who are able to lift me up when I feel so down.

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