Nov 2018 – Week 46

Sunday again. How is that even possible? I could swear on my children’s life we have some sort of groundhog week going on here. Okay, maybe on the cat’s life to be on the safe side. Honestly though, I barely remember Tuesday or Wednesday happening and I did really not notice Friday or Saturday coming and going. Why is it that time seems to pass so much quicker when we get older?

One reason might be that I had this glorious idea to tell my boss it would be so much more efficient to run my department if the majority of our work was done when our store is less busy. As in no customers in the building. Which means overnight. Ta Dahhhhh! My working hours now tend to start when other people go home. The amount of Nespresso pods used by my household (read: me) has increased so dramatically, I should consider buying shares. Looks like this backfired a little bit for me, but on the plus side – apart from being pretty sleep deprived – I get to see my kids more. And I quite like spending time with them you know. Downside though, having a weekend of dads being on duty, the list of things I had planned (that Sunday morning walk by the river went right out of the window) or needed to do is pretty much still as long now as it was three days ago. Suckage galore. Not that there is anything exciting on said list, apart from maybe putting Christmas decorations up way too early but I get a great sense of achievement from ticking off lists. Sorry.

One thing that really rubbed my back up the wrong way over the weekend is one of the dads of my kids. Relax, there are only two of them. We had a row about collecting my son. Now I have to work on Sunday so I texted him well in advance that I would need to collect my little boy earlier. No reply. Not unusual so I didn’t follow it up, admittedly. When he collects him, I ask about it, he insists I never texted. Well, my phone tells me otherwise and I find it hard to believe that my network is selective about delivering texts. Which is what I told him – politely!! – because I don’t like to be called a liar and I tend to put my hand up when I forget something. Now if that was me, I’d say ‘Oh probably didn’t come through, but please check earlier next time’. Not such big a deal. Instead, I get a litany of abuse, about playing games and what not, with a screenshot of how the message isn’t there. Well it’s damn easy to delete a message but a hell of a lot more difficult putting it there if you get my drift. Considering he is a habitual liar (and that isn’t just my opinion, it’s a sorry fact) oh my God I just want to get into one. But I don’t. Breathe. I’m the grownup here. I’m not having issues, he does. Well, I obviously do because he is just another example for my inability to choose a good guy but at least I don’t have to deal with him on a daily basis anymore. I wish I wouldn’t still get so pissed off by him though but I guess I need a few more morning ohms for that.

Anyway, I am going to get myself as coffee now and will read a book for a bit, sitting in my armchair by the window in the morning son. Just like granma. Or maybe go on Instagram…. Have a great week people!

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