Oct 2018 – Week 44

After the last couple of let down weeks, this one has been a definite pick me up. The beloved offspring had been delivered to their male parents the night before and being ever as organised, I got up at 4am to actually pack my case before jetting off to Budapest early Monday morning. A little regrettable that about a million other people had the same idea of catching an early flight to get away from freezing England. Stressful but nothing a bacon buttie couldn’t fix while waiting to board. I’m still getting used to this flying lark but I am most certainly improving. I’m good in the air, I’m good going down (ish) but the take off just makes my stomach want to say hello to the world – every time. Any helpful hints how to manage that apart from wretching at a worrying degree for a prolonged period of time would be greatly appreciated.

I’m going to give you the run down of this amazing place in another post later on, but suffice to say, I cannot recommend a visit highly enough. If you like architecture, Liszt and food, go there. Actually, just go, it’s really worth it. We were incredibly lucky to have 20 degrees and a need for sunglasses this late in the year. Our four days went pretty quickly and were filled out with walking (a lot!!), drinking (a bit) and eating (very, very much). The flight back was a bit too bumpy for my liking – note to self, next time make sure phone and headphones are both charged so you don’t spend two and a bit hours analysing every single noise the aircraft makes.

Spending Friday incredibly productive (read doing hardly anything at all) it was back to el aeroporto for a little trip to Edinburgh. I’m happy to report that the predicted rain held off and it was surprisingly sunny, but those reported gusts of wind were a little whitewashed. I was nearly blown off my feet more than once. Important lesson learnt this weekend: as a woman when faced with windy conditions it is not wise to wear a hat and a skirt and carry a bag. Unless you are blessed with three arms, which generally speaking isn’t a great look. More walking, eating and drinking was had over the weekend and Sunday night came round way too quickly. There are definitely advantages to living close to an airport if the journey home takes you all but 15 minutes but I dutifully stayed awake with slightly blurry eyes until the Cowboy informed me of his safe arrival home a good hour later.

Have a great week ahead guys!

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