Oct 2018 – Week 43

This week has not been particularly great. Things are still rather precarious with the Cowboy, we are talking to each other, tried to arrange to meet, but it’s difficult with work and private commitments on both sides. But at least we are talking. I’m still not certain it’s a good idea to keep this going, but with a weekend away booked, it seems a little stupid to jack it in just yet. His mood has mellowed a little since our bust up the other week, so at least that is something. And I’m actually looking forward to our little trip. I’ve never been to Edinburgh before and he can be decent company. Worst case I dump him in some whiskey bar and go off on my own.

The other thing that is really bothering me is my shoulder. I went back to work this week, because I felt a bit like a dick being off for so long and then going on holiday but I really regretted it most of the time as the stupid joint is still playing up almightily and the reality is, wear and tear in joint speech means, ‘face it love, you’re getting old’. Horray. Makes me feel so fabulous. The short term fix for this problem are going to be steroid injections but long term, I will have to have a serious rethink about my career. I love my job but if you are doing something that is not good for your health, you have to love yourself a little bit more. So some in depth reflection will be required over this Christmas period.

Next week, my lovely offspring is going to spend some much needed quality time with their respective dads so I am going to have seven days entirely to myself. So that I don’t feel too lonely and unwanted, I booked a few days away in Budapest with a lovely friend of mine. I have never been to Hungary before and I’m really looking forward to it but I do admit the decisive factor in this has been that the flights are dead cheap. How it works that you can cross most of Europe on a plane for a fraction of what you have to fork out for taking the train from London to Paris is beyond me but I won’t complain too much. I have been to Paris often enough anyway so I can cope not going back just a little while longer.

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