Oct 2018 – Week 42

After a stint back in work Sunday night which turned out to be a very bad idea, I spend a good part of my week at my GP and the X-Ray department of the hospital to sort out my still not obliging shoulder. The good thing about sitting in various waiting rooms is you have time. Time to read books in my case and I didn’t just get through one, oh no, I even started on No 2. I can highly recommend ‘A history of Britain in 21 Women’ by Jenni Murray, I think it’s extremely well written and a very smooth read. Not so sure yet about my second choice ‘Tom Paine – A political life’ by John Keane but I guess the subject lends itself as lot more to depth and grand words – no offence to Madame Murray!

Now, I am a little limited as to what I can do, so I try to be good and rest but obviously I am having ants in my pants and it is driving me up the walls. So with the help of my wonderful au pair, I rearranged the lounge in preparation for Christmas (yes I am that sad, although I prefer to call it prepared), decluttered the dining room (read: get rid of piles of paper dumped there by various members of the household and left over a prolonged period of time) and sorted out the garden. All necessary things but utterly boring.

So going out for a nice lunch on Saturday was a ray of sunshine sparkling at the end of the week and given the leaving much to wish for weather we had during the week, the promise of sunshine and getting out of the house did work wonders – for my mood at least not so much for my impaired appendix.

I love going to new places and my friend and I came across the Aster near Victoria. They serve a set brunch menu and oh my, it was fabulous. We were sitting on the first floor and with the sun out the place was flooded with light, just lovely when you spend most of your week inside because it’s grey and dark outside.

One thing that had escaped us though was the ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ demonstration happening in the city that day. You have to forgive my dismissiveness on the subject but as one of the 3 Million, I am still pissed off that I am allowed to pay my taxes here every month but when it comes to something so decisive for my future, I didn’t have the right to cast my vote. I get a little stressed in large crowds, so navigating out of this impressive display of citizens exercising their constitutional rights wasn’t easy.

I purely, accidentally, ended up in Fortnum & Mason’s and felt compelled to purchase a selection of cupcakes and caneles, to even out the previously experienced stress levels – not that it was any less crowded in here. They were an absolute delight to enjoy with the latest installment of the PofC and a little Buck’s Fizz to end the week in style. Tally Ho beautiful people!

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