Oct 2018 – Week 40

Can you believe it’s October already guys? Summer has really gone, even a sunny day now has a bit of a chill to it and when I have work early, it’s still really dark, with no hint of a beckoning sunrise.

I seem to be working a lot at the moment so I try making the most of my days off. I might have mentioned before that I’m working on my own library – on a small scale at least – so I am currently on the hunt for an armchair to go by the window. I have a very specific idea of what I want, kind of Sherlock Holmes meets boudoir but so far it has eluded me.

My work pattern has shifted recently, with a lot of it now taking place half or even entirely through the night. I prefer it that way as it is quiet and I can get on with things but it can also mess up my body clock pretty badly and I have now given up trying to do the morning school run on two hours sleep. It simply doesn’t work and I’m lucky my kids for one understand I need my sleep and also think I am around a lot more. I still need to perfect it a little more but it is not as bad as I thought at first.

Friday was another go explore day. Have you ever noticed the pianos that are dotted around St. Pancras station? I must have walked pass them so many times without paying any attention but today, coffee in and time on my hands I listened for the first time to various people play on them, from a little girl plonking away on the piano to the old guy playing some beautiful 30s or 40s tunes.

I was meeting a friend for lunch at the Coppa Club, there are definitely worse views than Tower Bridge to have with your food! Taking a little detour on my walk there, I’d never been to St. Dunstan’s – a garden in the ruins of a church dating back to the 1100. It always amazes me to find little dots of peace and green dotted around this otherwise buzzing city. Going back to lunch though, I was a bit disappointed they didn’t have have their Club burger so I had the chicken instead and it was amazing.

It’s strangely exhausting having a day of leisure but I still managed to swing by this well known Swedish furniture store. They have Christmas in store and oh my God did I love it! It has given me some great ideas which no doubt will make me come back and spend even more money on napkins, vases and other things I obviously desperately need in my life.

You might have guessed this was a weekend without los bambinos and a rare Saturday off too. Of course I was incredibly productive doing pretty much nothing other than drinking cups of tea, eating biscuits and other things that are incredibly good for me and furthering my Netflix education. I manage by now to only feel guilty a tiny bit doing so and so do you. We deserve a break sometimes.


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