Sept 2018 – Week 39

This week has been over in a flash. I’m sure it was only just Monday. I am absolutely convinced Father Time wants to piss us off by making time move a lot faster as we get older. Just to rub it in a little that we are getting closer to the end. Work has been going a bit mad lately, and whilst I do love my job, this week was hard. Really, really hard. I find I have less and less sympathy for childless people telling me how exhausted they are when I had a 50 hour week plus the war zone I call home to deal with.

Still, I managed to throw in a long walk by the river on Tuesday. I love having time to myself during the week; being able to take your time, stroll around with a coffee in your hand, discover something new while everyone around you rushes by. A small luxury, but nonetheless one not be underestimated. A little amusing was being around Monument at lunch time. It’s a quite male dominated environment – at least it was to my eyes – and I had to navigate my way through all those guys having a quick lunch time pint. Moses and the Red Sea comes to mind. Although I am not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing….

I might be outing myself as a geek here, but last year, I became a member of English Heritage. I am a little history nerd anyway and there is nothing wrong with exposing my offspring to a bit of culture and education outside of school every now and then so I consider it a valuable investment. I love my ever growing collection of tour guides of the places I visit, mainly without above mentioned offspring though, I do admit that. This Sunday however, they didn’t get away and we took a little trip into the Essex country side. After treating them to breakfast at a little place called Elder Street Deli – who were ever so sweet making Son C soldiers and eggs for his breakfast – I dragged them to Audley End House. It’s your usual stately home and you could argue once you seen one you seen them all but it’s a lovely place and well worth a visit. We spend a surprisingly long time walking the grounds despite the clouds drawing in; chasing birds and frogs, jumping off walls and peeking behind closed doors.

My guys weren’t too impressed that they had to spend time with me inside as well but they tried accommodating their mom. We learnt a few things too. Washing in those days was actually a chore – I think I would shoot myself if I had to do all of ours that way. The coal gallery has nothing to do with paintings – of which there were a lot prompting Son A to inquire if they were the olden days TV equivalent. After walking through several rooms filled to the brim with books I have to admit my library at home is rather small in comparison and I am jealous. The Braybrookes lost two sons within a week in the Krimean War – a fact Son B found absolutely astonishing and the lovely lady in the nursery rooms spend as long time talking to him about them.

The weather turned a little on the way home and I fought the chill by using the fire for the first time. I love the warm glow it radiates. Autumn is definitely here. Sunday roast tradition was obliged to and the day ended with unusual family harmony. Movie night on the sofa with duvets and ice cream. Not too bad at all.

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