Sept 2018 – Week 38

Well this week has been a bit of a washout to say the least. After all the fun and games of last week I got a solemn reminder that I seem to be getting older.

In true Cinderella style the stroke of midnight on Sunday brought on the first cold of the season. The really nasty kind, where you want to drill a hole between your eyes to get rid of the pressure in your head and generally just want to crawl in a hole and die (not to be mistaken for man flu of course). I managed work somehow. With the help of a lot of drugs.

The next night I happened to need the bathroom at stupid o’clock (hello age related incontinence). For a moment I couldn’t quite remember when exactly I had rented the house out for the latest splatter movie but then realised someone had had a nose bleed. And a massive one at that. Fabulous. The cat looked rather confused at what was going on too. But then he’s mostly clueless. After cleaning up the massacre, Son B wasn’t going to school (that was me cleaning it up not him by the way) so I took a day off work too. I could do with it as well so at least it wasn’t all bad.

Two more days in work were only managed drugged up to the eye balls, then Mr Snot finally started to do one. One started to look forward to the weekend – no children and a day off promised a bit of much needed R & R. Friday I got a chance to pamper myself with a lovely salt body scrub at a local spa, absolutely lush. If you find my appreciation for this silly, let me tell you – for me it is still something extraordinary. After suffering from eczema though both my marriages (so we are talking well over the last decade) and not being able to use anything on my skin without it flaring up in the most horrible way, I now can use anything I wish. For me that is still quite miraculous.

On Saturday, I got my back tattoo finished by the lovely Vicky Kostick. You can check it out on my Instagram. It is absolutely fabulous. Even my mum says so and she isn’t a fan of body ink.

I had great plans for Sunday, having a stroll around London and visiting an exhibition at the Tate Modern but the weather was so disappointing when I got up I decided this was a sign to just have hot chocolate and cake on the sofa and do pretty much nada all day. Which is what I did. Blissful I can tell you. The Tate will still be there another day.

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