Sept 2018 – Week 36

This is the big back to school week and oh boy, do I have a good one for you to start with. As of now, I have three kids in three different schools. Being German of course I have unparalleled organisation skills and have been preparing for weeks if not months for this day so nothing is left to chance. Haha, if only. So we are perfectly organised for the respective start days, when I happen to bump into another mum who vaguely remembers that there was a different start day for Son B than the other two and of course after investigating further, this is correct. The same is the case for Son C, about which Facebook kindly tells me. Total fail on my part. So A, B and C all go off to school on the same day. And breathe. So I think. Until Son A calls me 20 minutes later asking when I’m home. Turns out he was a day too early. At least he made a good impression being so eager to get back I guess. I need to refresh those blonde tresses of mine with urgency. They need to more aptly reflect my mental abilities.

The kids go to their dads this weekend so I get some time to myself and I decided to pamper myself a little. Believe it or not I never had my nails done before and it’s about time I did. I am stupidly excited and the lovely lady doing them (who happens to be a colleague of mine) finds it quite funny. I love them but I am about as apt as Drac now using my phone and managing a variety of other daily things. She very kindly shortened them for me a few days later and probably saved my life doing so otherwise I would have caused myself serious damage in some way.

Sunday is another day off with no kids so I am getting my backside off the sofa. I’m following a hashtag called secretlondon on Instagram and I keep adding things to my already never ending list of places I want to see in the city. I’m meeting a friend late in the morning for a maple latte and a s’mores muffin then we are off to the Hill and Pergola Garden in Hampstead Heath. I can’t believe sometimes that I have been living around London for over a decade now and still most of its beauty and hidden gems like this one escape me. And a hidden gem this certainly is. We missed the blooming roses as  it’s too late in the year for that but it’s still incredibly gorgeous. The weather isn’t too shabby either so we are strolling around taking pics of ourselves – hello Instagram! – before heading for a late lunch in a little art deco cafe. Just pure Sunday bliss. I need more of those.

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